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Nail Salon Air Purifiers—5 Features That Will Make Them Effective

Nail salon air can become unhealthy once chemicals from nail polish, remover, and hardener go airborne and stay there. An effective cleaner should have the 5 features below if it is to make a noticeable difference in how your air smells.

Carbon Filter For Chemicals—This is an essential component. It is recognized as the best type of filter to remove gaseous pollutants including odors and volatile organic chemicals that many salon products emit. Using a cleaner that can effectively absorb chemicals and remove them from the air is one of the most important things to look for in the technical specifications and/or the owner’s manual.

HEPA Filtration—HEPA is the term that results from the first letters of high efficiency particle arresting filter.. This technology is the best for removing airborne particles. Any indoor space has particulates in the air such as dust, mold and mildew spores, season pollen, bacteria, viruses, and even pet dander brought in by customers who own warm-blooded pets.

Add thousands of pieces of minute pieces of nails that go airborne with grinding and filing and the air can become thick pretty quick. Air thick with particles is unhealthy as well and being able to remove them will keep your air fresh and healthy.

Permanent Split Capacitor Motor—This type of motor is designed to run safely and continuously. Designed for high revolutions per minute (RPM), it doesn’t need to be cut off for a certain number of hours each day.

Not having to remember to turn the cleaner on and off means that the air can be filtered continually and the benefit is that the air clean in your shop all the time. Being able to let it filter the air in your salon each night insures that you and your customers walk in to a shop that smells clean and fresh each morning.

Wheels—Air cleaners filter the air that is closest to them first. Sometimes when there is a particularly smelly procedure, it’s great to be able to easily roll the purifier closer so that the pollutants that go into the air are removed as quickly as possible. Sturdy wheels on the unit make it easy to roll over all types of flooring..

Variable Filtration Rate—-This is invaluable option to have during the busiest time such as evenings and weekends. Doing a lot of manicures and pedicures can make the air smell really awful. Being able to pull air in faster will help remove the chemicals more quickly and limit the amount available to be inhaled.. And when the air smells fresh again, it’s handy to be able to adjust the filtration speed to medium or low.

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